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4 juin 2014 3 04 /06 /juin /2014 03:18


EODE - Mission en Crimée et désinformation (2014 03 14) FR


 EODE Press Office / 2014 March 14 /




The MPs of the Crimean parliament voted in favor of joining the peninsula to Russia and decided that this decision would be subject to a referendum among the population , mostly Russian-speaking, of the region . The electors of the Peninsula of two million inhabitants of Russian-speaking majority, strategic for Moscow, have the choice in the referendum of 16 March 2014 between joining Russia or much greater autonomy .

This referendum, essential mechanism of Direct Democracy , the only really effective , upsets a lot . With the great Western diplomatic operations to delegitimize this referendum is a media campaign of the same nature. So the press of the USA and the EU spread in inflammatory articles on the dubious nature of this referendum. In particular writes Libération ( Paris ) , because it would be « in the absence of international observers  » …



Gross mistake ! And clumsy misinformation…

At the request of the authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Crimean Parliament , and because of our non-alignment and experience , EODE organizes indeed an INTERNATIONAL MONITORING MISSION OF THE REFERENDUM on 14/15/16/17 / March 18, 2014 .

Note that invited, the OSCE refused by its president . As well as the European Parliament. Instructions and even prohibitions to participate in our mission have been given in many EU countries . And shameful pressure on parliamentarians – in Switzerland, France and Ireland in particular – to make them renounce their participation.

The EODE mission is pluralist and non- aligned .

It is composed of members from different levels and experts of various ideologies of right and left or that do not fit into the logic of the Western system , including republicans for independence ( primarily interested in the process ) from Catalonia (Spain) and Flanders (Belgium). There will be representatives and experts from Belgium , Spain, Poland , Hungary, Germany , France , Turkey. Including Die Linke for Germany.

« More than 50 representatives of foreign countries are willing to observe the referendum of 16 March (…) there will include representatives of Israel , the United States, France and Italy, and especially members of the European Parliament  » , informed Mikhail Malyshev, the Chairman of the Committee of the Supreme Council of Crimea in charge of organizing the referendum, during a press conference in Simferopol.


EODE is a Think Tank ( specialized in geopolitical and ideological analysis) and an NGO present in the EU , CIS , Africa, which practices a « non- aligned monitoring » unrelated to Western organizations and opposed to Western ideology , with experience of nearly 10 years across Eastern Europe . EODE is also specialized in the « self-proclaimed republics » (Abkhazia , Transdnistria , Nagorno-Karabakh ), where it conducted missions and audit, among others for the 2006 referendum in Transdnistria.


Since Wednesday evening a press campaign was launched against our mission , and against EODE on which the media grossly misinform . More than one hundred articles in 24 hours in 11 countries of the EU, with peaks in France , Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The pretext : a gross provocation of the French FN , always ready to do anything to make a bad free publicity. « Participants in the mission » … uninvited and yet announced in the media, MPs who are actually in Simferopol, whose non – participation was announced …

Therefore be noted that the French FN was not invited by EODE .

We strictly maintain no relationship with the FN and we will not change . And we do not invite them for reasons related to our own political positions. And due to the political activity of some of our administrators , radically engaged against the FN in Belgium and France .

Furthermore, the positions of the majority of officials of the French far right are opposed to the self-determination of the Crimea and in favor of the new authorities of Kiev. Mr. Chauprade, an advisor to Marine Le Pen, was invited in a personal capacity, as geopolitical expert, by the Crimean parliament and not by EODE . We do not understand ( or too much )  his statements in this regard. Let us add that 24 hours later , the president of the FN disavowed both the referendum in the Crimea and her advisor .

Still remember what EODE says about the FN ( an example) :


Despite the sabotage and the curious conception of democracy and freedom of thought of MPs in the EU less and less democratic , the International Mission will be in Simferopol ( Crimea) on Friday evening, with Luc MICHEL , Administrator – General of EODE , in order to do professionally ( we work according to the standards of the OSCE) its work to support democracy in action …

EODE Press Office

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