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4 juin 2014 3 04 /06 /juin /2014 03:20


LM - Onze jours pour la r+®volution g+®opolitique (2014 03 19) ENGL

Luc MICHEL/ 2014 03 18 /

Yesterday one of those Western experts who often brew wind very learnedly explained that « because of international practice (sic) the Crimean issue would now take months or even years of process »
That (as advertising would say) was before Putin.
Since the decision to set the referendum on self-determination of the Crimea on March 16, 2014, taken on March 8, eleven days were enough!


The Russian President signed a treaty on Tuesday on the affiliation of Crimea to Russia, at a ceremony in the Kremlin. The signing took place after a speech by the president, marked by outbursts of patriotism and a very anti-Western tone in front of the Parliament, Russian governors and government. The Russian anthem was played immediately after the signature in the ceremonial hall where the ceremony was held.
« The Republic of Crimea is considered annexed to the Russian Federation from the date of signature of the agreement », said shortly after the Kremlin in a statement. This document is immediately entered into force, Russian MPs will have simply yet to ratify a law including in the Russian Federation two new subjects, Crimea and Sevastopol city which has a special status. The ratification, a mere formality, is therefore expected by the end of the week, said chairwoman of the upper chamber Valentina Matvienko. « We are ready to do so without delay (…). I suppose it is possible to perform all these legal procedures by the end of the week, » she said , quoted by the agency Ria Novosti.
Crimea was and remained in the hearts of Russians « an integral part of Russia, » said in his speech the Russian president after an overview of the history of the peninsula including its transfer to the Soviet Republic of Crimea in 1954 by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.
Speaking two days after the referendum in the southern peninsula of Ukraine which has acclaimed by plebiscite to join Russia, he said that « Westerners have crossed the red line and behaved irresponsibly » in the Ukrainian crisis indulging in a denunciation of Westerners accused to show « cynicism », to act according to « the law of the strongest » and “ignore international law ».


As I was analyzing it yesterday the Crimean file was already folded up. This is the whole Post-Soviet Order in Eurasia since the collapse of the USSR – the « greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century », said Putin – and the destruction of Yugoslavia by the West that is challenged. Since this huge defeat of ‘geopolitical Russia’ – what was also the USSR – Russia has steadily declined. It’s over. Russia is back!


With my transnational networks, mobilized for the International Monitoring Mission of the referendum in the Crimea of NGO EODE I administer, we took a decisive part in the organization and validation of this referendum. Because one of the conditions of its validation is precisely the presence of international observers. Our small NGO, based on professionals, but mobilized without any profit motive to advance the cause of real democracy and the right of peoples, has so damned the pawn to the powerful OSCE and the Council of Europe. Whose refusal to come was to delegitimize the referendum. This difficult mission, in time like ‘Mission Impossible’, under the pressure of the entire Western political and media system, we conducted it successfully and efficiently. What concede us the media of NATO.

Some talk, analyze, play journalists, always after the event, without affecting the real. These guys write. We act. With old Marx, I think the ideas are meaningful only if they are used to change the world, to make it move. With the People of Crimea, this Sunday we made History…


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