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4 juin 2014 3 04 /06 /juin /2014 02:09


PCN-TV - Urban guerilla in Kiev (2014 01 23) ENGL



with RT – PCN-SPO / 2014 01 23 /



On the one hand the disinformation of the NATO media and of the politicians of Washington, NATO and the EU: « peaceful protesters and repressive police. »

On the other hand, a creeping coup, a  » color revolution  » – which is only peaceful in the clips of propaganda of OTPOR sponsored by the CIA – which aims to overthrow the government, to seize public buildings and cause elections under the terror of the street.

At the maneuver and as spearhead: the neo-fascist gangs and militias, nostalgic for the Waffen SS , the Nazi collaboration and Bendera’s anti-Semitic fascism. These neo-fascists led by the neo-Nazi party Svoboda (ex ally of the French National Front), ally of Timoshenko and Klitcko, and that the EU refuses to see …

Scenes of urban guerilla in Kiev, here in action « peaceful demonstrators » that Washington and Brussels support …

4 videos on :





These 4 videos with French comments:





# The Ukrainian government urged to end the protests.  » We appeal to all political forces , all opposition movements , said yesterday the secretary of the Ukrainian Council of National Security and Defence Andrei Kliuev to ask them to stop these events so that calm comes back , to get away from police officers and to stop all violence. It will then be much easier to negotiate in order to get our country out of this political crisis. »

These calls have not yet been heard. These are the leaders of the opposition parties having contributed to this situation , who are primarily responsible , said Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov. « If they support these thugs and extremists, these provocateurs , they should say: » Yes, we’re together .  » If they do not support them , they must work together with the government , liberate the streets of the capital of these provocateurs . We do not deny the right to demonstrate peacefully recognized for our citizens by the Constitution. But when Molotov cocktails were thrown at police officers, it is hardly classifiable as peaceful demonstration.  »

Russia calls for dialogue that should take place, according to it , in strict compliance with legal standards. But what is happening today in Kiev, and in particular the siege of the administrative buildings, is contrary to the rules in force in Europe, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.





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